The main DIY skateparks of Barcelona


Generally, DIY skateparks are skate spots that are built on abandoned or disused terrain, created by groups of local skaters who are really motivated.

In these following cases, I think that the different skateboard collectives are in agreement with the cities and competent authorities to carry out their constructions legally. They can then put all their efforts to design the modules of their dreams.

These are places open to the public where you can go skating even without knowing anyone. Anyway, you will quickly meet people. And if you are motivated, you can even come and lend a hand. Most of them have opened participatory crowdfunding, providing financial support for construction and the purchase of materials.

Once there, always respect the facilities, especially if you were not involved in their construction. For those who are new, I leave you the article on the main rules of the skatepark that apply to any type of spot.

Bobila Project:

Located in Bobila Park in Badalona, ​​this DIY is one of the most famous in Barcelona and certainly the most visited. Especially for its ease of access and its proximity to the center of Barcelona. If you need to take a break, you will find a grocery store and even a bar / restaurant just a few blocks away.

If I am not mistaken, this project exists since the end of 2013? In any case, the modules have evolved over the years and have multiplied, the most experienced skaters with years of practice will be able to confirm this!

La Bobila is more street oriented. Many concrete curbs, others with iron edges, and even marble… a manual pad, a flatbar, kicker, eurogap, small banks and wallrides. Ramp part: a very inclined ramp, but also a smaller one to learn tricks. Two other original ramps: a small spine and a large wall with an edgy transfer.


Support the project :

When they make new modules, and like most DIY skateparks, they sometimes post on their Instagram to ask if people want to help. It’s cool to skate, but you have to build it all before!

And if you don’t have too much time, but still want to make a small contribution, you will find an online crowdfunding “go fund me”:

Caribu DIY :

A little further from Barcelona, in the city of Mataro, you will find the DIY Caribu 304. Self-managed by a collective of skaters from the city, they started building this DIY a few years ago. It bears the name of the old Caribu factory, an old abandoned factory where only the floor slab remained.

The ramps and transitions are really fun! Nice corners, a big steep ramp, a volcano, and I think there was even a big rainbow (to check). The street part is also nice, flat rail, curbs, kicker, manual pad with a small curve…

Right in the city center, you will also easily find what you need to shop a few streets away if necessary.

Caribu Skatepark DIY Barcelona skate spots map

Support the project : 

Like Bobila Project, they have a Gofundme crowfunding where you can contribute online if you wish:
They usually post on their Instagram when they are preparing new modules and there may be times when they need help.

Spotter DIY :

Once again around Barcelona, ​​this time in Badia del Valles. The DIY is located near the IKEA next to the Repsol petrol station. Another abandoned space that has been laid out perfectly for skateboarding, and again it is a spot created thanks to the motivation of local skaters. Add to that, a good understanding with the neighboring, and the fact that the park does not disturb anyone in terms of noise. Sabadell skaters are already preparing a new DIY skatepark “El Valley DIY”.

It’s located outside the city, so do not hesitate to bring a little something to drink and / or eat because the shops are quite far away.

This is a skatepark for Bowl fans, filled with ramps and transitions! You will find ramps of all shapes, a spine, two volcanoes, bumps, a rainbow, a margelle coping….

And for the street part, a lot of curbs, a flatbar, slappy curb and a manual pad among others.


Support the project:

Unlike the other DIY skateparks, their choice was not to open a prize pool online to finance the project. But if you go to the spot, and you want to bring a little something, then you can totally participate with a few euros, a few beers for the locals or even a helping hand if necessary. Main funds are generated by the local skaters…

El Valley DIY :

As mentioned earlier, here is somehow the creation of the Spotter DIY 2. We should hear a little more about it in the coming weeks! 2020 is just the beginning. But those guys are super motivated, once again and the first modules look great.

Curbs, round flat rail, small transition kicker, and a slightly special flat curb with a part that allows you to up on it, the curb and at the end of the curb, a little kicker.

Once again, if you liked the park and want to contribute, here is the Go Fund Me prize pool:


Picnic DIY:

This one is the most recent DIY, and it’s just in the center of Barcelona (District Poblenou). Right next to the Poblenou cemetery.

This DIY is more oriented street, and it is already equipped with several modules! Among others: a flat bar, banks / wall, curbs, manual pad, pole jam, picnic table, etc ….

If you want to contribute, here is a Go Fund Me prize Pool :

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A big thank you to the locals for all their efforts and without whom we could not ride these excellent skate spots.

Remember that you can contribute if you want, either with the Gofundme, or directly on the spots with the skaters!

Finally and we can never say it enough, we have to keep the spots clean after our visit and pick up our trash before leaving the skateparks.

Find the DIY skateparks on the Barcelona skate spots map of La Skateosphere. And much more, with all the most famous skate spots to ride in Barcelona.

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