A Barcelona skate spots map

On holiday in Barcelona? Move quickly from spot to spot with the Barcelona skate spots map. From the most famous Macba to the most original bank.

For a better navigation, check the map from a computer and click on the full screen mode at the top right of the skate spots map.

How it works?

You just have to move the mouse on the map, and click on the different skate spots to see their photo. In principle, the spot should be marked in the exact place, so you can zoom in on the map to get the specific address. Unfortunately, skateboarding is not a sport that everyone likes, even less the police and the neighbors of skate spots. So I recommend that you give it a double check before going skateboarding, and check in the google street view of google maps if the spot is still here (or if there are some skatestoppers).

Skateparks, DIY, Street Skate Spots

You will find in this map, the different skateparks in Barcelona and its surroundings. The skate park of the street league: Skate Agora, or Sant Boi Skatepark. For the Bowlriders, the Marbella skatepark right next to the beach, or Canyelles skatepark on the heights of Barcelona. But also the different DIY’s like Bobila or Spotter DIY. Skateparks created by and for skaters, which evolve with time and motivation!

Then of course the unmissable spots of Barcelona … I do not present the Macba, located in the heart of the city and which remains to be the obligatory passage of all skaters upon arrival in Barna. With the Big 3 (former 4 blocks behind the Macba museum).

The MACBA, essential Skate Plaza in Barcelona. Mandatory passage for skaters. The most famous place on the Barcelona skate spot map.

Parallel with its curbs and manual pads, and of course its huge gap from one platform to the other one!

The Forum area where you can easily move from spots to spots, blocks, curbs, ramps, skatepark…

The banks paradise: the district of Nou Barris. Where you can also find the mythical manual pad down at Passeig de la Peira. The famous yellow and orange banks of all sizes. Beware of the boards, that can go very fast on cars. I advise you to always have a spotter at the bottom of the spot to catch the skateboards. And thus avoid conflicts with the neighborhood…

Skate Agora, the street league skatepark, the best skatepark in Barcelona. You can get to the spot by train, car, metro, it is located in Badalona, right next to the beach. Find its location on the Barcelona skate map.
Skate Agora Street league skatepark
Besos waves... this spot looks easy on the skate videos you will find on internet, but it's not.
One of the best spot of the Barcelona spot map
Besos waves, a classic!

Contact me if you are looking for a spot that is not on the map and I will try to find it for you!

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And check again this great video from Ride Channel to make you want to ride the best Barcelona skate spots :

The Barcelona skate map will improve step by step, adding hidden spots of our beautiful Barcelona. That’s not for nothing that the city is considered as the skate Mecca!

If you’ve stayed this far, thank you! I hope you enjoyed the article and the Barcelona skate spots map.

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With that being said, take care of yourself and have a good session guys!

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