How to differentiate a real skater and a poser?

Is it possible that you have already heard of the poser skater? Here are the different signs to recognize a real poser in skateboarding.

Be careful, a poser is very different from a beginner in skateboarding, in fact, it is quite the opposite. A poser is about a person who does not belong to the skateboarding world, and who only appropriates the style of the skater just for his image.

skate girl poser thrasher

Style and hardware of the skater poser

The Mall Grab

Let’s get to the heart of the matter right away… The Mall Grab! This is the poser’s favorite trick….

The origin of the word comes from young people who used to go out in the malls, with a skate just for style. It means, not knowing how to use a skateboard and perhaps for some of them, having never ridden on it.

The Mall Grab consists of carrying your skateboard by the board’s truck. Which generally is the dirtiest part of the skate, full of wax, dust and other grime. But no problem for the posers, as it is possible that this part of their skate may never have touched the ground. (While generally, a skateboard is carried by holding it in the middle, on your sides. Preferably on the side of the wood, so as not to damage your clothes with the friction of the griptape).

There are obviously riders who are not immersed in the world of freestyle skateboarding (or street skateboarding), or for example people with cruisers or longboards, who only use their skate to get around. These people do not enter into the magnificent posers category.

Anyway, if you meet people with a street deck held in Mall Grab, this might not be the right person to propose a session or a Game of skate.

skater mall grab hold hand truck

Wear brand new clothes to go skateboarding

Well, for those who thought that the dress style was of great importance, we are far from the mark.

Although you can go skate with the clothes you want to wear the most, a skateboarder is very rarely dressed in completely new clothes. Especially if you’re just starting out… and even after many years of skateboarding, you will rarely wear new clothes to go out skating.

Even if sponsored skateboarders are used to receiving equipment and sometimes clothing, the vast majority of skaters ride with (more or less) damaged clothes. Holes in T-shirts, pants or even shoes are not unusual, especially after a good street session.

Just keep in mind that this is not essential to go skateboarding with new clothes just to show off your style. Come as you feel most comfortable, and don’t spend all your savings on brand new clothes just to look pretty and catch the eye.

fresh skater new clothes

Hardware that is always new or used unusually

The poser does not use his board, or very little. When he does, we can see his board is worn in unlikely places! What do I mean? Well it can happen that a poser scratches his board on the sidewalks or on the ground, just to make it look like he has done slides or grinds with it!

Unlaced shoes are also a sign of a good poser. You might think that a skater never has these laces securely fastened, but it’s quite the opposite. We would prefer to have the laces properly made to keep perfectly our feet in the shoes.

Skateboarding in the rain… Except if you may have an old board to get around in any weather, a skateboarder never uses his skateboard in the rain. The boards and components of the skateboard are very sensitive to water.

Attitude of the skater poser

Seek to be a Thrasher Skateboarder

Today in 2020, skaters are still often associated with a rebellious image and representing a “menace” to society… Well, I may be exaggerating by saying that we are perceived as a menace, rather say that we are not the most appreciated in our cities. Since we spend most of our time in the streets, we have to strive to set a good example and thus to change minds about our community.

Another thing, don’t try to look like a Thrasher skater, or a Piss Drunk skater. You could put yourself in complicated situations, and sometimes even put yourself in danger. All this to impress a few people, it’s really not worth it.

Make simulations

It means trying to do a trick that is usually more complicated than your level can allow, and just to show others that you are “good” at skateboarding. By doing this, it will be quite the opposite that you are going to make appear…

For example: the classic poser that tries to do a 360 flip, while the Ollie is not yet well integrated. (I’m not saying that it’s forbidden to try, far from it, but simply not to do it just to show off and call attention).

Remember that it is important to not skip stages. With constant skateboarding you will see that you will learn new tricks soon enough.

skateboarding ollie

Get upset over nothing

We’re still close to the previous tip, because very often the same type of person would tend to get angry over nothing, pretending to learn a trick and swing their board against the ground.

So we control ourselves a bit, and we don’t throw our board because we can’t tackle a trick we just tried for the first time …

There are many situations that can drive you crazy, so don’t overdo it for nothing.

If you feel like you’re on the edge of your nerves, take a break. Try to redo a few tricks that you are used to do. Then come back to your trick once you have a clearer state of mind.

skater angry

The skater poser is a liar

If you’ve ever met posers, then you’ll already know they love to tell amazing stories. Like “Wah the other time I land a flip first try on 10 steps, you should have seen that …”

If you have any doubts, ask their few questions specific to the world of skateboarding to destabilize them. Ask them if they are goofy or regular? Who are their favorite skaters? The last skate part they watched? Etc….

P.-S.: Note that the pose also loves hanging out on famous skate spots, or in skateshops. Just to show off and be seen in these places.

Cultural appropriation

In summary, although posers are easily associated with the world of skateboarding, this type of behavior can easily be found in other sports and environments.

However, we will understand that the appropriation of a culture should not be done to give oneself a “good” style. Nor to impress or draw attention to oneself.

Especially since skateboarding has a dense culture and remains for the vast majority of our community a real lifestyle with important values to respect.

Anyway, before skateboarding for the others, skate for yourself and have fun on your board!

skate session

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