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The Pro Complete Skateboard Pack is a full set up with high quality components!
If you are looking for a first skateboard, you may not necessarily need this type of advanced material, but you can find other packs on the website, like the “First skateboard” pack, or still complete skateboards from other brands.

Buying a complete skateboard comes at a certain cost, and when you’re just starting out you might not necessarily know your preferences for skate hardware, which should become clearer over time and with your skateboarding experience.

The pro pack is rather intended for an advanced skater, we will see together the different parts that make up this pack.

With years of experience, you will know that buying a complete skateboard is really not that common. Usually we change the deck when it is worn, the wheels or the trucks or the bearings, but rarely all the parts at once!

But when could we tend to buy this type of complete skateboard from the “Pro” pack? Well unfortunately accidents can happen so quickly … a stolen board, a board lost or fallen into the water …
Or quite simply, if you want to please yourself and change your complete skateboard or maybe even for a gift!

I know that the purchase of this type of skateboard can represent a significant cost, and it happened to me also to drop my board in the Seine in Paris … so I understand very well this feeling of having to buy a complete skate ….. in these moments, the least euro saved is very appreciable, and that is why on the purchase of this complete set up, a reduction of 20 € is applied.

Details of the complete set up:

For the choice of the board, a deck of the brand Toy Machine Skateboards in size 8.25 “, the model TM Monster with the big monster of the logo under the deck.

A nice pair of Independent 144mm trucks, the size Independent recommended for 8.25 “boards. Maybe you will like the size above, if so please feel free to e-mail me or Instagram.

For the wheels we will go for the Spitfire Formula Four F4 101 Classic in size 52mm with urethane hardness in 101a, quite hard, rather for skatepark / street practice.

Regarding bearings, we are on the Big Balls range from Bones, the next level of Reds by Bones! The 6 balls of these bearings are 17% wider than on the standard models, allowing to roll faster and to last longer.

As you know so well, grip is a very important part of your skateboard, so to ensure comfort, grip and resistance, we will complete the pack with a Jessup Griptape.

And for the screws, a set of 1 “allen screws, very classic.

If you ever have any questions about the equipment, need information or if you would like to modify certain components of the pack, do not hesitate to contact me on the e-mail address of the skate shop, or directly on the Instagram of La Skateosphere 🙂

I doubt that on this type of pack the assembly video will be useful, but it certainly will be if it is your first skateboard deck for you. Video tutorial from the Youtube channel of La Skateosphere to guide you from the installation of the griptape until your first session:


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